The Bay and the Authie valley

Take the time to enjoy life on the banks of the Authie

Before heading to the Bay, go down river to explore the inland area. You’ll be enchanted by the quaint atmosphere in the villages, with traditional long houses made of cob and stones.

Don’t forget to visit the imposing Valloire Abbey surrounded by its gardens with thousands of old roses, then Maintenay, it’s a must! You can take a few snaps of the 10th-century water Mill, whose wheel is still driven by the water.

Let’s pop over to the Bay of Authie!
Between Fort Mahon beach and Berck sur Mer, you can see the Authie estuary, which offers unspoilt, wild countryside like its big sister, the Bay of Somme.Children will love this outing! You can watch the seals lounging in the sunshine, frolicking together, resting between two tides… but shush! If we want to enjoy this magnificent spectacle for a good length of time, we’d better not disturb them…

Now let’s go further south to the Maguette farm, to round off the day with the children: they can help milk the goats and why not sample some fromage frais, what a great experience!

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